History of 90daysgoal

The origins of r/90daysgoal

Once upon a time, a man promised to commit 90 days of his life to any Redditor who wanted to completely transform his or her body, regardless of weight or fitness level. It was a pretty amazing promise, and nearly 2000 Redditors subscribed to the subreddit, eager to turn their lives around. When things fell through with the original r/90days, some people lost motivation or didn’t know how to get started on their own, but not everyone stopped in their tracks. In the original Day 1 post at r/90days, the man wrote “Don’t underestimate the powerful benefits of having the support of a community who are sharing the same journey.” That is exactly what we have tried to create at r/90daysgoal, a place where everyone is trying to better themselves and help others.

The building blocks

90daysgoal has grown a bit since the first round in August 2009. Round 1 started with about 125 people and ended with 17. Our largest round started with nearly 1000 90ers and ended with close to 125.

We’ve been using the subreddit as a place to tell each other about the breakthroughs and problems that we’ve been having with our eating habits and exercise routines. We’ve posted tips, questions, motivational materials, and lots of encouragement, and overall, the results have been pretty great.

Over the past rounds, the format of the subreddit has changed a bit too. We’ve improved the sign-up and check-in process and we’ve added (and refined and simplified and improved) several features. It’s still changing each round, as 90ers suggest new ideas.