R4 Week 1 group stats

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Out of 480 people who signed up for Round 4 of 90days, 224 people have checked in for Week 1. Let’s take a look at how things have changed for us over the past week.


Overall weight distribution

Here’s the initial weight distribution of everyone who signed up originally and those who have checked in for Week 1:

And again, normalized to our Week 1 check-ins:

Although it’s hard to see a shift in these charts yet, we lost an average of 2.32 lbs per person in our first week together. As a group, we lost a total of 488 lbs!



Weight distribution by gender

Looking at only the people who checked in for Week 0, there were 115 women and 95 men.

The weight distributions for both groups for Week 0 and Week 1 are shown below.

The change isn’t too clear yet, but hopefully as the weeks go by, we’ll see the two distributions separate as we lose weight as a group.



Distribution of weight change

Here’s the distribution of weight change over the past week for those who checked in.



Broken down by gender:

Overall, we lost 488 lbs as a group last week, or an average loss of 2.32 lbs per person.

The women lost a total of 246 lbs, for an average of 2.14 lbs lost per person.

The men lost a total of 239 lbs, for an average of 2.51 lbs lost per person.


Are any diets or exercises doing better than others?

On the sign-up form, there was a page of optional questions about which types of diets or exercises we were planning on following. This data isn’t necessarily very accurate, because there is no guarantee that a person actually follows the diet or exercise that they said they would. Plus, the questions were optional, so not everyone answered them. Still, it’s fun to look at some of the info that we can get from this.

On the following plots, the average weight lost is shown for each group of people. Note that some groups have very low check-in counts. The average values are more meaningful for the larger groups.


Diet types


Calorie trackers


Exercise types


Activity trackers



Who is still with us?

On the following plots, the people who checked in for Week 1 are compared with the people who did not check in. The plots are ordered by percentage of people retained. For example, of the 242 people who listed their goal as “reduce body fat percentage,” 115 people checked in (47.5%). But only 2 out of the 5 people who chose “gain weight” checked in (28.6%).




Diet types


Calorie trackers


Exercise types


Activity trackers