Round 6 Initial Group Info

Welcome to Round 6 of 90daysgoal!

Let’s take a look at who we are this round. If there’s any additional group info you’re interested in, send a comment and I’ll try to add it in.


Where do we live?

Here’s the breakdown of where we live this round. 87% of 90ers prefer English units (lbs/in.), whereas 13% prefer metric units (kg/cm).

Removing US for a closer look:

(No guarantees that the map is accurate. Google Spreadsheet was really struggling with the placement of the dots.)

Age, Height, Sex

Weight and Body Fat Percentage Goals

The following plots show the normal distribution of our weights and body fat percentages. Our current distribution is shown in dark red and blue. Our goals are in light red and blue.

Weight as a function of height and age

Here you can compare your weight to other people with a similar height or age. The average value is outlined in black and the maximum and minimum values are shown with solid lines.

Weight vs. Height

English units:

Metric units:

Weight vs. Age

English units:

Metric units: